The Culture Journey Experience WorkshopTM

In an interactive half- or full-day experience, The Culture Journey Experience Workshop takes your teams on a journey of discovery using case studies and targeted materials that stimulate discussion. They learn the vital facts and fundamentals about culture, climate, and change management.


Existing and Diverse Teams (6-30 participants)


Accelerate effective performance through development of communication, collaboration, decision making, trust building and change making skills.

  • Understand how culture evolves in organizations.
  • Define behaviors that undercut the existing culture.
  • Identify causal factors (systems, structures, etc.) that are part of the work climate, and how they cripple the ability to move forward positively.
  • Build a common language for understanding the layers of culture.
  • Learn ways to keep the desired culture on track during any major change or development.
  • Apply learnings at each step of the workshop to your organization.

Human Synergistics leveraged the expertise of Root Inc., leaders in organizational change, to develop this engaging experience. The workshop is facilitated in tables of 6 to 10 participants, based on the Root Learning Map® methods, using visuals, two-way dialogue, reflection questions, data, scenarios, and a workbook.

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