One-on-One Coaching

When it comes to acquiring essential leadership skills, individual coaching is a proven competitive advantage. A coach takes an individual from point A to B faster than on their own. Getting to the heart of the matter, leading to ah-ha moments, and helping leaders pull away from the pack to advance their careers.


Mid-Level Managers, Directors, Entrepreneurs


Develop the skills and insights to lead effectively, guiding strong teams and the organization to a new level of success.

  • Explore: Identify the challenges and objectives for a successful client-coach relationship.
  • Assess: Use Human Synergistics 360 behavioral feedback assessment tools to define your strengths and weaknesses and determine the best approaches for changing any behaviors getting in your way.
  • Coach: Receive a one-hour virtual coaching session (phone or video) weekly or bi-weekly for six months. All conversations are confidential, interactive, and action oriented. Relevant resources are provided to further learning.
  • Evaluate: Measure progress to keep the program aligned with your objectives and define future goals using ongoing feedback surveys.
One-on-One Coaching
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