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An astute observer of behavior, I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles incredibly interesting and courageous.

I’ve explored human behavior and asked tough questions to discover hard truths for more than thirty-five years.

My focus—with individuals and groups, in person or virtually—is to develop fearless leaders. Leaders who will dig into self-discovery, take accountability for their actions and responsibility for their decisions. Leaders ready to be challenged and do the work for the sake of their careers and their lives.

I believe in the power of being fearless
—to create the career and life you want.

I help clients stay curious, push boundaries, and bust through excuses to achieve results. They describe me as outgoing, candid, empathetic and down to earth—an insightful guide who genuinely cares about wanting to help. I’ve also heard the term “all-around badass” someone who inspires clients to jump in and take more risks.

jacqueline wales

Meet Jacqueline Wales

  • I was born in Edinburgh Scotland but have lived all over the globe
  • I hold a black belt in karate and love Crossfit
  • I served as a cantor in Paris and Amsterdam for five years
  • I have four amazing adult children
  • My favorite wine is Pinot Noir
  • I love the work I do

As the author of several books, a leadership coach and a passionate CrossFit athlete, I challenge myself daily to grow and be better. I challenge my clients to do the same.

I spent the first half of my life figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I wandered through a lot of changes to discover the truth of who I am. During the wandering and wondering years, I was a writer, a singer, and a global nomad who lived and traveled on three continents. I’m an active co-partner in a long-term marriage and along the way, I became the mother of four children who have grown up to be amazing adults.

I grew up in the School of Hard Knocks and witnessed first-hand many of the conditions that sabotage a person’s ability to succeed. This experience helps me enormously. While observing and talking with thousands of people over several decades, I’ve come to understand that the challenges we all confront are not much different—no matter who you are or what you’re doing in life.

In my experience, it all comes down to your thinking and behavior, and how much you want to change the things that aren’t working for you.

Let me know how I can help -  Jacqueline

fearless factor

Jacqueline's coaching has made a difference in my life for which the word transformative is not the slightest exaggeration

– Jayna Sheats, CEO, Terecircuits


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