Are You preparing your leaders for the future?

We understand that covid-19 has disrupted your business, and more than ever  strong leadership will keep your company on track for the future. We are here to help you develop the leaders you need.

We are in the business of helping you develop the leaders of the future

We will help you facilitate the growth of emotional intelligence and collaboration, as well as clear communication and strategic decision making skills with executive coaching and team development programs

. Let us be your guide as you:

  • 1 Identify and analyze the challenges
  • 2 Explore solutions and strategies
  • 3 Move from frustration to accomplishment

Our programs are designed to help future leaders build the skills, insights and engagement needed to emerge at the forefront of organizational development in the 21st century – so they can meaningfully contribute to your company’s success and profitability, even in times of crisis. 

Tired of waiting for people to CHANGE? take action

business coaching

Jacqueline is an experienced and empathetic development coach that consistently ushers you towards being the person you want to become; towards unlocking your purpose and potential.

She is challenging in the right way, breaking down your mental barriers in a manner that feels welcome instead of intrusive.  She is an educator, providing the right insights and the right reading materials, at just the right moments.  She asks questions, and more questions, until you get to the root of the matter.  Overall, a complete pleasure to work with!"

Nick Reely, VP of Marketing, Pabst Brewing Company 



VITAL is our acronym for the fundamentals of all leadership. See below for more details.

We offer custom-designed executive coaching, behavioral assessments and team development programs to improve performance and foster innovation within the organization.

We work with mid-level managers, directors, and managers who want to improve their leadership skills and potential for promotion.



Inspiring the future of what can be, and why it makes a difference, not just for the organization, but for the individual. A belief in what's possible and an opportunity to go beyond the status quo.



Observing and challenging the behavior and thinking that creates obstacles to success is essential to all great leadership, as well as building skills and talents to embrace change throughout the organization



Building strong trust in self and in others through development of self-awareness, confidence and clear communication is the foundation of strong leadership



Making work relationships more meaningful by celebrating success for self and others is what builds a strong organization



When all the preceding elements are part of your leadership development they create an indelible mark on teams and company ​​ that will set the tone for all future performance   and create a class of leaders who chart a path forward that engages people, drives transformation and growth, and impacts every dimension of the organization

HUMAN SYNERGISTICS assessments help your leaders and managers understand their personal styles and strategies, and their impact on people and the culture within which they work.  Used in association with executive coaching and VITAL team building.


  • 1 We will help you connect, collaborate and develop strong emotional and social competencies
  • 2 Build a culture of trust that leads to long-term growth and greater satisfaction across all dimensions of your organization
  • 3 Experience breakthroughs using any combination of our leading-edge programs

Jacqueline's executive coaching has made a difference in my life for which the word “transformative” is not the slightest exaggeration.

She has an awesome insight into human nature, getting to critical factors that we are ignoring or not recognizing, and helping the client see these in overall personality context. She offers a well-balanced mixture of analysis, encouragement, criticism, and recommendations.

Jayna Sheats, CEO, Terecircuits


The Culture Journey Experience WorkshopTM

Culture has finally become a part of leadership team discussions at most organizations. Unfortunately, few truly understand it despite most CEOs reporting culture as being critical to business success.

The Culture Journey ExperienceTM  was created to combine peer learning with targeted education based on facts and fundamentals about culture, climate, and change management that are not widely recognized.

Human Synergistics leveraged the expertise of Root Inc., leaders in organizational change, to develop this interactive and engaging experience. The experience is facilitated in tables of 6 to 10 participants based on the Root Learning Map® methodology, which utilizes visuals, two-way dialogue, reflection questions, data, scenarios, and a workbook.


The Immunity To Change mapping process created by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, Harvard organizational pyschologists, highlights how individual beliefs – along with the collective mindset in your organization – combines to create a natural but powerful immunity to change. By revealing how the mechanism holds us back, it gives us the keys to unlock our potential and finally move forward. By pinpointing and uprooting our own immunities to change, we can bring our organizations forward with us.

Read about Immunity to Change in the New York Times:
Helping Managers Find, and Fix, Their Flaws.


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