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Starting SOON: Tuesday March 23rd at 3pm PST for 6-Weeks

"This “mini-series” was a powerful booster and a wake-up call that caused me to start addressing some basic questions and reflecting on how I could show up with more presence and authenticity — and allow myself to BE more fearless and confident when facing virtually any challenging situation. Highly recommended." – Kelli Richards, President and CEO The All Access Group LLC

Being fearless is not the absence of fear, but the courage to take the next step.

Be See Where it Gets You

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re talking about making improvements in your career or life, with your teams, or your organization, ….and you don’t follow up by taking action, you are simply whistling in the wind.

If you are not fearlessly taking the next step toward making change happen you are undermining your opportunity for success, and the integrity of your organization.

Fearless people have the courage to take the next step. They know how to manage a complex and competitive business environment…they are unafraid to take risks, and they challenge their teams to be the best they can be to keep your business relevant by giving them the support they need to make that happen.

Like never before, you need to be more self-aware, empowered and resilient to adapt to the changing times.

When you are responsive to change and equipped to bring out the best in yourself, and others you will:

  • Deepen self-awareness, challenge obstacles, and define the future
  • Improve communication skills and strengthen courage muscles
  • Take ownership of your career and life

Become FEARLESS and accelerate growth and performance across all dimensions of your career and life.

" I set some very ambitious professional goals for 2020 and wanted a thought partner and accountability partner who would give me a kick in the pants when I needed it. I was also looking for a group environment where I could have the benefit of other ideas and enrolled in The Fearless Change program with Jacqueline. After six weeks, I achieved the goals I set and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I very much appreciate Jacqueline’s style as an authentic truth teller and highly recommend her as a coach." – Gena Cox, PhD, PCC Inclusion Strategist and Executive Coach                                                                                                                           "Many of us can benefit by being more fearless overall - in our work, our relationships and in our lives. The Fearless Change Program is designed to shake us up, and it poses powerful questions for deep reflection and contemplation. If you’re anxious, overwhelmed, playing small or find that you need support to bust through limiting beliefs, and be challenged to show up as a more powerful and authentic YOU in the world, I highly recommend you consider participating in this course." - Kelli Richards, President & CEO All Access Group


6-Week Accelerated Fearless Change

A coaching supported virtual program to develop self-awareness, improve performance, and fulfill potential

Team Building

Coaching and peer-to-peer facilitation to reflect on and resolve challenges, improve communication and increase collaboration.


Small group sessions to build stronger teams, dislodge limiting thinking and understand how culture influences change.

One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching to gain insights, change mindset and behaviors, and enhance essential skills.

Jacqueline is an empathetic development coach that consistently ushers you towards being the person you want to become—unlocking your purpose and potential

– Nick Reely, VP of Marketing, Pabst Brewing Company 

To Raise Performance, Assess Your Leaders and Employees 

When your staff is aware of their thinking and how their behaviors impact effectiveness, it leads to positive change. Removing roadblocks and paving the way to develop strategies for improvement. Creating a more harmonious, constructive, and productive work environment.

Human Synergistics Leadership assessments measure behavioral traits and zero in on areas for change that benefit both the employee and the organization.


This last year a worldwide pandemic threw us all for a loop. Challenging us every day. Questioning our work and time spent with family. Frustrating us and making us more anxious in many ways.

You can sit and lament. Or use it to rediscover what’s really important.

This Life Evaluator tool will help you take a big picture look at your life.

Take a moment to find out what needs attention and improve your life.Today!

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