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The essence of a powerful business lies not just in who its leaders are — but how they lead

Be See Where it Gets You

Your business success or failure relies on how well your leaders and employees perform. You need a strong, skilled workforce.

Do you have fearless leaders who know how to manage a complex and competitive business environment . . . or are they undermining your growth? Are they capable of keeping your business relevant?

Do your leaders know how to navigate through uncertainty? Are they able to seek out and really listen to valuable perspectives and different ideas? Do they tackle challenges and lead with integrity, courage and vulnerability? 

Like never before, you need leaders who are self-aware, empowered and resilient. Unafraid to take risks. Responsive to change. Equipped to bring out the best in all your employees.

Our programs and services guide your leaders to:

  • Identify problems, then explore solutions
  • Improve communication skills and strengthen their courage muscle
  • Discover better ways to motivate and support employees

Taking Your Business To Greater Success

fearless factor


Online Program & Coaching

A self-paced and coaching supported virtual program: The Fearless Foundations of Great Leadership.

Group Facilitation

Team coaching to reflect on and resolve challenges, improve communication and increase collaboration.


Small group sessions to build stronger teams, dislodge limiting thinking and understand how culture influences change.

One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching to gain insights, change mindset and behaviors, and enhance essential skills.

Jacqueline is an empathetic development coach that consistently ushers you towards being the person you want to become—unlocking your purpose and potential

– Nick Reely, VP of Marketing, Pabst Brewing Company 


To Raise Performance, Assess Your Leaders and Employees 

When your staff is aware of their thinking and how their behaviors impact effectiveness, it leads to positive change. Removing roadblocks and paving the way to develop strategies for improvement. Creating a more harmonious, constructive, and productive work environment.

Human Synergistics Leadership assessments measure behavioral traits and zero in on areas for change that benefit both the employee and the organization.

Transitioning Your Career

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Transitioning Your Career for Success


Sometimes life throws us a curveball, some we see coming and some we do not. One of these curveballs might include learning that your job is being eliminated through downsizing, layoff, a merger, acquisition, or complete company closure. Regardless of what causes the job loss, this type of news can create feelings of confusion, uncertainly, insecurity, ambiguity, stress, mistrust, and result in organizational service deficiencies and ineffective communication with others.

Transitioning Your Career for Success is your roadmap to setting a clear path forward in this time of great changes.

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